E-Sense offers a range of solutions to help businesses use the Internet to promote their products and services and to develop their relationship with customers.

  • Optimisation of existing website for better mobile-devices functioning, display and integration.
  • Organisation and design of new websites.
  • Email and email branding solutions.
  • Assistance and support.

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Mobile devices (smartphones, tablets...) are superseding the personal computer to access and navigate the Internet. Many websites designed before the mobile revolution are not adapted for mobile devices, with their content not displaying properly and some functionalities compromised. E-Sense solid experience with responsive design allows us to optimise your current website without necessitating its complete redesign. This permits the preservation of your website personality while insuring it meets modern usability standards, but most of all meet your customers expectations.

E-Sense website optimisation service comprise of:

  • Address content legibility issues on mobile phones and tablets.
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for better visibility and pages ranking.
  • Fixing forms, menus, navigation and image display problems on mobile devices.
  • Improve usability on touch-screen-based devices.
  • Update to HTML5 and modern web standards.
  • We also offer complete website redesign and technical update.

Click on the pictures bellow to see some examples of E-Sense designs and projects.

E-Sense websites look good and are easy to use. We specialise in Responsive Design, an approach that allows websites to work well on any device (mobile phones, tablets, desktop computers…). E-Sense web design services include:

  • New website design and set up.
  • Website redesign.
  • Advanced email options available with every website.
  • Organisation of Internet address (domain names).
  • Hosting on fast New-Zealand based servers.
  • WordPress options.

Every new website include search engine optimisation (SEO), 3 free email accounts, technical support.

Click on the pictures bellow to see some examples of E-Sense designs and projects.

E-Sense offers you a variety of services to help you make the most of email communication. The technical, design and marketing aspects of email communication are covered. Services include:

  • Organisation of @yourbusiness email addresses.
  • Hosting, administration and maintenance of email accounts.
  • Creation of customised e-mail/ e-mail templates, with business logo, signature etc.
  • Design of mobile-friendly email templates, newsletters and email solutions.
  • eNewsletter design.

Whether digital or paper-based documents, it is important for your business to communicate in an attractive, original and recognisable way. E-Sense electronic document branding and customisation service can help you to achieve this. Electronic document design services include:

  • Emails
  • eNewsletters
  • eCards
  • Invoices
  • Forms and surveys
  • And more...

Your relationship with E-Sense doesn’t need to end when your website is up and running.

We provide free of charge ongoing support for all websites hosted and designed by E-Sense.

Support covers all technical aspects, web pages and web server configuration and maintenance. Content, functionality or design updates and changes are not included.

Customers need to hold full administrative and access rights to the server hosting their website, email accounts or other online services they would like E-Sense to assist them with.

Example of support areas:

  • Domain names management and forwarding.
  • Cross-browser compatibility issues.
  • Code debugging and maintenance.
  • E-mail accounts and email client software set up and configuration.
  • Spam management.

If you are not already an E-Sense customer, support enquiries are welcomed. However due to the diversity of systems, configurations, technical and commercial prerogatives, E-Sense might not always be able to address your situation. In this eventuality no charge will be applied.